Friday, July 21, 2017

UPDATE & a quickie spit paint clown & some other weird stuff

"Hey everyone! I'm just gona bullet point things I'm currently working on so you know that I haven't disappeared or fallen down a well in 2017." -Charles
  • working on book with of my sketches and #inktober2015/2016 work.
  • working on submitting for a book Sketching from the Imagination: Dark Arts - a compilation art book with a focus on the macabre, gothic, and horror.
  • working on a side freelance project with Arachnid Games
  • working on my photoshop painting, doing studies, working on my story Aegolist (my personal story fleshed out as childrens book/storyboard/world building
  • working on learning Z-Brush and Maya (because why not)

30 min harlequin