Sunday, January 26, 2014

Valley of Sod

This artwork is part of the Ego Lister story (name in progress) It's the journey of a kid trapped in the caverns of his imagination, in search for the key to the door he possesses. The peripherals of the scene are somewhat distracting and chaotic! (dutch angle might be to much)  
everlasting (Olam): beyond the vanishing point. 
hope (tikvah): a strong cord (holding on) 
As for the penrose triangle spiraling off into the distance. It is not an indication to the trinity, in fact its a facade. Us, the viewer, is seeing it at the angle that completes the illusion. What the Ego Lister (kid) sees at his perspective is not a convincing illusion. In fact, at his perspective, it's not an illusion at all! :)
 Anyways, something to consider.  The story is expanding, one of many to come ...anyways, enjoy!