Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Kahoots, the conniving hypno owl

A character I have been working on. Enjoy!

A certain flutist from Demacia went looking to capture birds and dry out their bones and turn them into priceless flutes. He ventured far beyond the city walls, and eventually the day ended, but he kept looking for the right specimen. In his single minded pursuit of finding the rarest of birds, he lost track of time and found himself alone in the dark in the furthest part of the forest. The merchant knew the area pretty well, and continued to pursue his bounty. After a few hours he overheard a notable hoot noise and knew it was the call of a Damacian Great Owl, a highly treasured bird and was treason to kill such an animal of great beauty. Immediately he killed it and ran over to inspect the fallen creature. Unknowingly he had gone into a place no man has ventured before. Suddenly a tear in the fabric of space and time opened up near the corpse. The void had come to claim such a pure creature of the sky and unfortunately him as well. The merchant was violently consumed along with the owls body. As he was succumbed by the darkness, the Merchants mind warped into all which ways and his eyes were shown a mirror of the viscous animal nature he had become. At that moment, the void spat him out, and sealed itself up. As he got up still bewildered at what happened, he finally came to and had forgotten who he was. He wasn't man anymore. As he began to perceive his identity, he fell in love with his new condition, almost too much. The void had combined him with the corpse of an owl. In this transformation he gained powerful knowledge of dark arts and heightened owl perceptions  unfortunately his stalky bird form allowed him to skim the plains of Runeterra, but not enough for the ability to soar the sky and be free. His own mind neurotically consumed itself with greedy desires to bend others to do his bidding. He wanted his music and his possessions, and conveniently obtained a set of dynasty armor and all his things from his home by hypnotizing the guards and controlling their actions. Bringing his loot back to his domain from where he once came and was regurgitated. Now he spends his time enjoying his music and developing his powers, figuring out new ways of causing havoc in a delightful melody. He eventually found out about the league of legends through Veigar, and decided to test out all his newly acquired potential in the arena.