Wednesday, May 18, 2011

fancy folly frolly froogle!

i have no idea what I made but I like it, started out just doodling a lanky dude and other stuff just came in to play, I did this for my Eccentric Illustration class with David Ball, I'm not happy with anything that I did in the class, but I got a lot out of it nonetheless,
as for the piece, it needs more work... gotta get the atmospheric perspective right, and clarify things, the composition is a little funkay, the colors got a bit twirped. I might split this up into two pieces to work on. or just redo 2 pieces based off of this one and limit the time i have on each one, maybe just about an hour, and think dedicated strokes then noodling the hell out of it, which tends to me my downfall for photoshop work. I really like the concept still, really inspiring for some reason. anyways, all in all,
great learning experience.